About Us

Thanks for stopping by UsedOscilloscope.org. My name is Nathan and I own/operate this website.

First, a little background on myself. I've been an Electrical Engineer (aka Sparky or Coulomb Chaser) for over 10 years. I worked at Lockheed Martin for 6 years as an electrical engineer designing electronics for the Hellfire missile. During my tenure with Lockheed I used several different models of oscilloscopes. From there I went to 3D Systems and again used a few more different models of o-scopes. At my current job at Northrop Grumman we own some pretty impressive oscilloscopes that many hobbyists will never have the luxury of affording.

While not at work I do some tinkering and need a personal oscilloscope. I've bought a few used oscilloscopes off Ebay and learned a thing or two. I built this site because as an engineering hobbyist I needed an oscilloscope and couldn't find a good resource for what is on the market. People in our position can't afford to buy new oscilloscopes so we were stuck buying 2nd hand used oscilloscopes. However in the last few years, several new oscilloscopes have come on the market that are easily affordable for hobbyists.

My goal is to provide you the best information available on the scopes currently available. I want you to get the right scope at the best price. As time goes by I'll add in depth reviews to the site and would ask you to participate by sending me reviews of scopes you end up purchasing. This site can easily be a vast resource to any and all those seeking a solid piece of electronic troubleshooting equipment.

With that said, I'm not the be all end all authority on oscilloscopes. But I certainly know enough to be dangerous. If you find information inaccurate or just down right wrong please contact me and let me get it updated to reflect the correct info.

It should probably be mentioned, if you end up purchasing an oscilloscope from Ebay or Amazon using one of my links, I will receive a very small commission. It helps pay for the site. I believe in full disclosure and want you to have all the information. The fact I receive a small commission on the sale will NOT impact my recommendations or personal reviews provided.

Again, thanks for stopping by and good like finding a top quality used oscilloscope!