Tektronix 475 & 475A Oscilloscopes

Tektronix 475 Highlights

  • Expect to Pay $150 - $400 Used
  • Expect to Pay $750 Refurbished
  • 2 Channels
  • 200 MHz Bandwidth
  • Vertical Sensitivity - 2 mV/div. to 5 V/div
  • Vertical Modes - Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Add, Alt., Chop, Ch. 2 Invert
  • Full-Range Delayed Time Base with Precision Delay Time Control
  • Horizontal Sweep Speeds: .5 s/div. to .01 ms/div. (With x10 Mag. - 1 ns/div.)
  • Horizontal Modes - A, MIX, A INTEN, B DLY'D

Like the Tektronix 465 models these newer 475 models are also oldies but goodies! They are pretty easy to support and fix should something break and finding parts is generally pretty easy. Do your best to purchase a working oscilloscope with pictures and/or video unless you really like a project. These oscilloscopes were first designed and produced in the 1960's, so it's best to find the highest serial number when comparing these units.