Tektronix TDS Oscilloscopes

There are several TDS series of oscilloscopes worth considering. These are digital storage oscilloscopes that have a pretty extensive feature set. Here again though, its vitally important that you verify operation before purchasing a used tektronix tds oscilloscope. There are several known issues with these scopes which can be very expensive and complicated to fix. For instance, the capacitors are known to leak, the lcd screens go bad, and their power supplies are not the most reliable. Now with that said, these are very good scopes. Most designers and technicians swear by them. See it working and verify the self test results are good and you'll be quite happy.

The TDS oscilloscopes series of oscilloscopes have been in production for several years now. Some of these scopes have USB interfaces to quickly capture waveforms and transfer them to your PC. Some TDS scopes are battery powered making them extremely useful in tight spaces or during system troubleshooting where bench top oscilloscope are just to cumbersome. They are offered in two channel and four channel and varying bandwidths, so depending on your budget you should be able to find a very nicely equipped TDS oscilloscope at a great price. For the older model TDS scopes look to spend a couple hundred dollars and for the new middle of the road scopes you're looking around $1000. Now you can spend upwards of $2k - $3k on a fully loaded Tektronix scope but that is why used oscilloscopes are such a great value.

Available Tektronix Scopes